We are here to make the world of static information interactive and fun.

Autopick uses highlights to distinguish between the piece of text you want and the remaining piece of text which you have no interest in. It does this by allowing you to highlight text with any particular color on any surface physical or digital and then as you point your smartphone to this surface you can now tap the highlighted text to have it on your phone, nothing else required.

This is what we call a graphic gesture at work, graphic¬†because it can be seen and perceived by any optical system such as the smartphone camera or human eyes, in this case yours. This provides us a common canvas that we can share with our beloved digital gadgets equipped with cameras and hence give us a mechanism to convey meaning to ordinary information. Why gesture? because of the¬†graphic’s innate nature to grab attention and it’s ability to be able to separate the information it surrounds or overlaps with from it’s surrounding for the viewer, in our case the smartphone camera.

Highlight is one type of graphic gesture, it’s a used and tested method of emphasizing on a part of text that triggers the meaning of it’s entire surrounding text, it does this by grabbing the viewer’s attention with a distinguishable color from it’s background, hence it made perfect sense to incorporate it into AutoPick before anything else.

This is what empowers the magic of one shot scan possible with AutoPick, because every intention you had about this scan has already been communicated with your camera beforehand, thanks to the graphic gestures.

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